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Thread: Halo2/xbox live/multi accounts????

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    been playing this for a while now and it seem to me that some people have more than 1 account for playing halo 2??? why do this, because they don`t want the people who are playing them to see there other levels or what. also i have played with these people that dont have a number they have a round silver thing instead??

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    the round silver thing is a level beyond what they have numbers for, i think it starts at level 45 or so, after that, theres an eclipsed moon, a sun, and something else, i've seen it on a friends account, he finally explained it. some people have more than one account, for one simple reason, they use the free trials and have to change names alot. some people let friends play on their xbox, so they have more than one account as well. it all depends i guess. hope it helps.

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    they got to level 45+ clan boosting or head to head boosting

    and people make new accounts because they level as high as there skill level can go so they get mad because they cant win and make a new account to win agan, its sad really


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