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Thread: private servers for WOW

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    Hey can anyone tell me how to play on the private servers cuz i cant get online and play but i cant find nething to help that will work for the new version of the game.

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    Is you game a legal cpy or is it pirated?

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    pirated full dvd version lol

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    if im not mistaken... having the dvd wont matter since u need to have an account with blizzard. no account == no play

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    thought so but i heard ppl can play on private servers without having account with blizzard..........

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    that makes no sense. think logically. all the game info is stored on blizzard's servers.

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    That's why he said PRIVATE SERVERS. You know, servers that are run by regular folk...

    Here's a good link for that kind of stuff:
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    i found a copy of pirated Wow which says "World of Warcraft Offline".
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    i dont see how there are any private servers that will run wow stable.... but i seiorusly reccomend you buy the game. the game is so addicting!!

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    haha, my friend ran a private server but its missing somethings since they forgot to steal the rest of the server files so they had to emulate it? O.o

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