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Thread: I Hate People Who Misname Thier Movie's

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    I luv movies and There is no other satisfaction than downloading movies.... but why has a certain craze took over this craze is MISNAMING - Claiming to have new movies such as Terminator 3 >> Matrix 2 >> so on >>....

    i asked a so called kazaa user who was sharing a fake Terminator 3 why he/She was sharing this fake the response was so what if i share fakes pussy ....

    I think all MISNAMERS need to take a long look at kazaa because their killing it....

    ( It's just my opinion )

    I would luv 2 hear what other REAL kazaa users think....

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    It's annoying but be happy you're getting the movies anyway. I wish people didn't rename files it bothers me too but some people are just idiots. Got to learn to live with it.

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    whats the deal with bearded kazaa?
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    Yeah its fucking retarded to rename files i fucking hate it so much. I was downloading command and conquer generals and it was fuking the second disk of harry potter 2 FFS im on 56k and it took me all fucking week to get that 700mb file these ppl need to fuking die. Just because they have had a hard day at school getting beaten up the fukin geeks feel better renaming things.

    I actually message some ass hole and asked him why rename files for and he said "because your a fag" fuck that im a very pissed of person and i wish i new how to hack ppls computers so i can find where they live and choke them.

    I hope some ass hole that renames files is reading this to see how pissed ppl get.

    It must really suck for cablers that have like a 6gb cap a month because thats there download wasted.

    Schuler man, u said that we are getting movie for free anyways, but your right we are but they should have a limit to what they rename like dont rename a movie to a game and or a game to a movie.


    Im sorry for this reply im just angry about it and posting this hasne made me much happier because renamers are just gonna laugh and i hope when they do laugh they swallow there tounge by accident and they die!!

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    Then use the verifieds. Or buy/rent whatever it is you want. It's not really that big a deal.

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    I think there are two reasons people misname files:

    1) Some people are idiots who find it fun - there is no accounting for those.

    2) That goddamn participation level. People know you get a good rating by uploading lots, but don't have many (or any) good files. So whats the best way to boost your uploads? Tell people you've got Matrix Reloaded and watch your uploads shoot through the roof.

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    If you want high par lvl get KazaA Lite or get lots of porn... people DL that alot.

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    Thanks for the tip but I have Kazaa Lite

    I wasn't suggesting people should do it, far from it. I was just offering it as a potential reason.

    Welcome to the board by the way :beerchug:

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    fisrtly instead of wasting ur 6 gb cap use AVI preview fo rthe first few megs problem solved now

    FAKES GIVE ME THE SHITS i try messageing a person and they said "its not my fault" other then that they just ignore u its a pain in the ass the same goes for music just recently ive noticed new albums that have come out all the tracks a nothing but f*cking silence!!!! and idiots dont have the right track name and why is it thease idiots sometimes have 7 users or more with the same fake its ridiculous IT PISSES ME OFF

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