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Thread: Help with remote server

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    Just got this remote server from Layered Technologies. Its running on FreeBSD. My problem is I cant figure out how to VPN onto it. Its got Plesk installed. But when I try to setup the VPN using it, it doesnt work.

    Anyone know what I should put in those spots? I was doing this w/o my router. Should I use it?

    Anyone know a program that connect through VPN to a server running FreeBSD?
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    You need to use private network addresses.
    The most common range is 192.168.y.z but they should not notmally be the same range as you may be using on any intermediate router or internal network. The "y" part determines the network range, the "z" part identifies a pc on that network.

    I usually use and for this sort of thing.

    It is NOT advisable to use port 21 for the UDP port. Port 21 is normally reserved for FTP traffic, so if you try to use FTP over the same connection you could cause both VPN and FTP to become inoperative. Stick to the default (1194).

    You can set up a VPN client using standard Microsoft networking.
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