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Thread: Help with Memory device...

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    Jul 2004
    Tj Mexico
    Hi guys,
    Im probably going to San Diego Ca. tomorow, and I would like to take this oportunity to get some memory for my PC, but Im not shure what to get...
    I was hopingthat may be, by looking at this picture, you could help me pick a 'memory' from the site I link below.
    *I would like to know if I can use the ones in the 2nd and 3rd link.
    Thank you guys.

    My system spects are:

    Intel Celeron 2.5GHz
    128mb RAM
    80GB HardDrive.
    Windows Xp
    what else do you need to know?

    btw, Im after 512mb.
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    Nope need your mobo & cpu specs.

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    Get the Mushkin.
    Lifetime warrantee as opposed to that other brand's one year.
    The PC3200 is faster than your current stick, but it will default down to a speed your board can support.
    "I am the one who knocks."- Heisenberg

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    Tj Mexico
    I already bougt it,
    it's 512mb, but don't remember the brand,
    I just went to 'that' store this wednesday and showed my actual 128mb memory to one of the guys and asked for the 512 one!,
    later at night when I put it in and '!wow!, now I can almost do anything, like download use internet and play music at the same time...
    ...this freedom is beautiful. Now I have 640mb RAM.
    Should I go for 1Gb?
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