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Thread: firefox problem

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    Everything on firefox has been erased, my bookmarks, plugins, skins, seach engine, everything. I didn't do anything, i went to sleep, woke up and it was gone. IS there something that i did, or how can i recover it?

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    Sounds to me like someone moved/deleted your Firefox default profile directory, or it's corrupted.

    Check in C:\Documents and Settings\XPusername\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\

    You should see a profiles.ini, pluginreg.dat and a Profiles folder; in that folder should be another folder (who's title ends with .default), where you'll find all your settings and stuff - if they're still there.

    If the default profile is still intact, you can use the Firefox Profile Manager to re-acquaint Firefox with your settings and hopefully restore everything.
    If your profile is missing or broken, you'll have to create a new one, also using the Manager.

    Close Firefox, then
    Start->Run->type in firefox /p

    Search the MozillaZine Firefox support forum if that lot didn't help.
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    And to prevent that from happening again, you could save your profile/extensions/cookies and stuff using this little app clocker posted the other day.


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