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Thread: ED2K Hash Links on the Down Low

  1. #1 was once the top spot for ED2K hash links to tv shows. However with mounting legal pressure against ED2K hash links sites, the site decided to stop offering the links in December of 2004.

    However the community and its still growing database of ED2K hash links of TV Episodes still exists, if only unofficially. #MoTV on is the first IRC channel to have a bot serving ed2k links. This bot has the whole ShareTV database from before the site closed, plus many, many file that have been added since the site closed. In fact the channels bot, eZebra offers 343 shows, 948 subcategories and 15451 episodes.

    While has done an awesome job stepping up to fill the void that ShareTV left, Slyck has noticed that #MoTV usually has ED2K links to new shows a bit faster the TRW.

    The offering of ED2K links via IRC could become a growing trend in the future if authorities tend to continue cracking on http sites that offer the links. Its quite possible that it would be very hard for groups like the MPAA or RIAA to close down an IRC channel offering ED2K links.

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