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Thread: overnet lite v.53 just went downhill on me

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    I have been using overnet lite v.53for several months and have had almost no problems downloading big files. But just recently in the past week, the downloads have been going super duper slow taking days to finish, while I used to get them done in 2 days or even hours.

    When Overnet connects, it mentions like 200 files total are being shared, then after 10-15 min, it mentions 800,000+ files. But the downloads take like hours to just start or even days. It's weird, I used to be able to click download on a 600 mb file, and it would start within 10 min, get a decent speed (sometimes 40-100 kb/s), then finish in 8 hours or a day. Now I'm struggling to use this there some kind of connection error with the overnet servers or what happened?

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    i'm also getting low speeds and Overnet constantly reads:'0 reachable' even tho it says there are:1146880 files

    searches are as fast as usual with plenty of hits

    maybe us Overnet users are being blocked at the servers and can only connect to each other

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    just get eDonkey2000 Lite 1.1. It's the latest version, which include overnet.


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