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Thread: Installing Mac OS X on a PC. How do you do it? ans vice versa

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    how do you do this?

    i heard it is possible to install Mac OS X on a PC. I also read that you can install Linux on a Max computer. If this can be done, how can you install
    a Windows OS on a mac?

    i am wondering this and have been for a while. I want to have a mac computer, but, i don't want to pay their high prices.

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    MAC on PC.

    Not sure about the other way around though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rossco
    MAC on PC.

    Not sure about the other way around though.
    Windows on MacOS:

    you don't need any special programs to install Linux on a Mac, 'cause you wouldn't want to install PC Linux on a Mac... you just need to get a Mac version of Linux like Yellow Dog, SuSe, or Mandrake. unless you're a programmer who just doesn't want OSX's interface getting in your way, i dunno why you'd need Linux on a Mac since OSX is built from a variation of BSD which is basically Linux-compatible.
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    that looks mad...
    i think im gana do it just for kicks

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    right, well, neither of these setups (OSX on a PC, Windows on a Mac) will give you the FULL functions of the operating system... VirtualPC is not going to run Direct3D Windows programs, for example, so video games wouldn't be a very good reason to get VirtualPC. but if you just want to poke around, see what the system is like, and try out some basic home & office programs, then go for it.

    a useful application for these programs would be something like: suppose you're a webpage designer and you create your designs on a Windows PC, don't own a Mac, but you want to make sure that Mac users see the exact same thing that PC users see. Windows and Mac web browsers are very similar, but they're not exactly the same, they have different bugs and kinks about the way they display webpages... so PearPC would be a good way to check your work with Mac web browsers and fix any problems that your webpage might have. and vice versa, a Mac-based web designer could use VirtualPC to make sure that his pages are presented correctly to Windows users.

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