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Thread: How do you use ScummVM?

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    Ok well see I have Monkey Island 1,2, and 3 downloaded and all of them dont work (except Monkey Island 3, but it has no fucking voices, grr.) So I heard about this ScummVM, and I download it, but I dont know how to use it. I mean when it says add game, it takes you to these directories, and I dont know how to get my games into them. If anyone can help, it will be appreciated, thanks.

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    When you click add game, go to the directory that contains the game you want to add. The name should appear in the upper window if it finds a game it recognises then you can add it.

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    Try reading the ScummVM documentation.

    What kind of downloads are we talking here? .iso images or were they just a zipped up game directory?


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