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Thread: Counter-Strike: Source and Source Engine Updates Available

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    An update is available for Counter-Strike: Source and the Source Engine. The update will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:

    Counter-Strike: Source

    * Added buy favorite system
    * Added location names to voice chat
    * Soundscape files will be loaded properly for custom maps
    * Fixed tinnitus effect for HE grenades playing twice
    * Fixed the Five-Seven's price not matching the value in the buy menu
    * Fixed case where money and chat HUD icons sometimes being the wrong color at round start
    * Target IDs will no longer show when mp_fadetoblack is active
    * When mp_humanteam is active human teams will be allowed to spectate
    * The "hostage" field of the "hostage_rescued" event is filled in correctly
    * Equipping the silencer is canceled if the player switches weapons
    * Fixed problems with the hostage shack door in cs_compound
    * Fixed "Hostage Rescue Zone" not showing up properly in chat and under the radar
    * Players can only change their names once every 10 seconds, with a max of 5 times every 10 minutes
    * "Enemy Spotted" hint text doesn't show for players behind smoke clouds
    * Flashbang effect can't be reduced by hitting escape or turning off the HUD

    Source Engine

    * Fixed registry handle leak in VCR mode
    * Added explicit engine error when trying to render too many decals in a frame
    * Sound files will work properly when in a packfile now.

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    orcutt989's Avatar Blargh
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    Now Emporio has to release a number protocol 12 update!

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    Quote Originally Posted by orcutt989
    Now Emporio has to release a number protocol 12 update!
    LOL! You still use that shit?

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    Well what are your choices?

    Buy the game.

    Use Six steam/steam down/whatever current steam app is floating around that does the exact same things as the others.

    Use emporio.

    AFAIK the only way to play on legit servers is to use a real key or use one of the cracked versions of steam with an account that has a hl1 game regstered to it, and probably some private methods as well.


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