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Thread: BIOS codes

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    zacspeed's Avatar Pheasant plucker
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    Mar 2003
    Hi all,
    Does anyone know the beep codes for VESA BIOS?
    I have scoured the web, but all I can find is the AMI/Award & Phoenix codes.
    I am getting 2 beeps then one ( _ _ _)
    This would appear to be the case since I purchased a new USB keyboard. Everything seems to be working fine, but it's just these beeps on startup.
    Any suggestions?

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    The Vesa part is simply the bios on your graphics card/chip, it doesn't have any beep codes itself.

    What's the bios on your mobo? It will probably tell you if you go into the bios setup, always assuming you can get into the bios setup with a USB keyboard.

    I suspect it is telling you that it hasn't detected your keyboard. If your bios isn't set up to handle legacy USB devices (meaning keyboard & mouse) your bios won't be able to handle them so they won't work until you load windows. You may need a conventional keyboard in order to get into the bios to enable legacy USB devices.

    There are lots of post codes here.
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    zacspeed's Avatar Pheasant plucker
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    Mar 2003
    Thanks Lynx.
    I've swapped the USB for a PS2 adaptor, & all's well.
    It worked OK in the first place, just the beeps coming from the bios were worrying me.
    Thanks for the reply anyhow.


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