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Thread: "not Valid Win32 App" Error

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    Hey guys, relatively new to Kazaa, and have had a great experience so far. Recently downloaded a program in ".exe" format and windows is giving me the error of "{program} is no a valid Win32 application"

    I have tried opening it in WinZip, have tried renaming and burning as an ISO, and none of these methods work. I am using Win98 (trying to upgrade to XP, hence the download).

    Anyone with any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm still on 56K and this was one massive download. It would be awesome if it would work.

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    To me that doesn't seem like it's a valid file. Make sure you have a virus scanner coz it doesn't seem like anything good could come from that.

    The files probably corrupt or just a virus I'd delete it and look in the verified sections for whatever you're trying to Download

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    m8 after u've renamed the file tri to extract the
    files with somthing like isobuster or deamon tools
    or somthing similar.
    good luck!!


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