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Thread: forwarding port, router issue.

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    first, I unfortunately know very very little about networks, and stuff like that,

    In order to get high ID in emule I would like to forward the concerned ports, but when I get this screen,in my rooter's configuration interface, I don't know what do each field correspond to, and were I can find the information..

    thanks in advance for your knowledge.
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    Public port start, public port end and private port should all be the same. The only time this differs if you want to divert well-known standard ports to some other port. This is not the case with emule.

    So public port start and end, and private port should all be set to the first port which emule is using. The host IP address is the internal network address of the PC running emule. To find this, right click on "My Network Connections" and select properties. Then right click on your network adapter and select status, then click on the support tab. You will see the IP address.

    Once you've entered the details click on "Add this setting".
    If emule uses more than 1 port, repeat the process for the next port until you've added all the ports. Unfortunately you can't map a range of public ports to a range of private ports with that router so you have to do each one individually.

    Look for updated firmware, 20 mapped ports isn't many. The wording is exactly the same as on my own router, but the number of ports was raised to 1000 in the latest firmware (but still only 20 entries ).
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    can't you just put in a range i.e. start to end.
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