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Thread: 3.5" HDD/DVD Enclosures

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    abu_has_the_power's Avatar I have cool stars
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    Apr 2003
    I'm looking for the cheapest 3.5" hdd enclosure. it must have some sort of status light and a power switch. i've found ones for $5 on ebay, but they shipping is $20!! so that's not cool.

    i live close to tigerdirect outlet store, and they sell some, but the cheapest they have is $20 and it doesn't have a light or switch. then it goes to around the $30's.


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    Livy's Avatar Simpleton
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    Mar 2003
    dvd enclosures are 5.25" not 3.5", you could go for a 2.5" laptop hdd size enclosure if its size you want.

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    kazaa2002's Avatar lost
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    Abu, I am not sure...can you be a little more helpful in your request.
    I am unclear as to what you are talking about.

    this is for some enclosures

    however are you talking about inserts?

    regardless, nothing I can find in retail, has your price range
    my suggestion for you is to find a swap meet or a local store that has a bone
    yard that you can peruse for your project.

    but maybe one of the other members has another route for you to go sorry
    I could not offer a solution.

    it is the small things that usually drive us mad

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    yea, i'm talking bout the ones on the 1st link. the ones on the 2nd link are hdd trays.

    anyways, i looked around, after shipping, everything i could find with a power switch and led costs over $35-40. so i just drove over to tigerdirect (20 min) and bought this:


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