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Thread: The Releasing Standards

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    The XviD Releasing Standards 2005

                     The federation of releasing groups presents                 
                          The XviD Releasing Standards 2005                      
         Requirements: Notepad with terminal font or any other ascii viewer.     
                                  읕컴[ INTRO ]컴켸                              
     After a long wait and hours of work, I am proud to present, the new XviD    
     scene standards. In this celebration note, I must condemn the leaking of    
     the 2004 draft edition, which was written only for the purpose of helping   
     us all in building this new set of guidelines. I wanna thank everyone who   
     took time to express their ideas and experience into bringing this document 
     to life. Also, we shall not forget, all the past teams from 2000 to 2002    
     that made the DivX and XviD scene guidelines available, for TXD2K5 to be    
     built upon. So without further ado, Enjoy!                                  
                              읕컴[ RELEASE RULES ]컴켸                          
      Movie Length:                                                              
       - PAL (25 fps) = MINIMUM runtime is 100 minutes/CD.                       
       - FILM (23.976 fps) = MINIMUM runtime is 105 minutes/CD.                  
       - NTSC (29.97 fps) = MINIMUM runtime is 87 minutes/CD.                    
       - These runtimes are scalable via the following equation:                 
         N CD time minimum = (N-1) * allowed time where N is number of CDs and   
         allowable time applies to fps as outlined above:                        
         i.e. 3 CD FILM rip minimum = 105 x (3-1) = 210 minutes.                 
       - MINIMUM time length rule is as implied - that is the MINIMUM time per   
         CD -- NOT MAXIMUM!!! (i.e. no such thing as "must be more than 1 CD")   
       - Release runtime must be at least 50 minutes for using the full burnable 
         media capacity. In such cases, releases MUST utilize a MINIMUM of       
         680mb of the 700mb standard burnable media (Multi-CD releases MUST      
         conform to the 680mb minimum, for each CD used). Any other use of the   
         media shall not be over 350mb (Sizes between 350mb to 680mb are not     
       - Media usage is at ripper's discretion, please use it.                   
       - MUST be MP3 or Studio AC3 (AC3 transcoding forbidden).                  
       - MUST be STEREO for STEREO sources, MONO for MONO sources                
         (MONO audio as STEREO on source is considered a MONO source).           
       - MUST BE VBR! NO CBR MP3!                                                
       - MP3 tracks must have the original frequency as it was on the DVD's      
         audio: i.e. 48khz for 48khz and 44.1khz for 44.1khz.                    
       - MP3 files must be normalized.                                           
       - ABR is considered a VBR technique.                                      
       - AC3 MUST be used wisely and correctly. Ripper's discretion on when to   
         use it. Using or not using AC3 IS NOT a technical flaw.                 
       - MONO AC3 is not allowed, in that case must encode to mono MP3.          
       - Multi-language audio tracks are FORBIDDEN! (Use INTERNAL!)              
       - Keyframe:                                                               
         MUST be <=20 seconds and MUST be inserted according to scene changes    
         and framesizes as determined by the codec or encoding application.      
       - Group watermarks of any kind on the video will not be tolerated!        
       - Intermission messages must be removed from the avi!                     
       - MUST be as close to original source framerate as possible.              
       - In some cases PAL movies should be ivtc'd (i.e. to 24fps). Therefore    
         using a PAL source is not an excuse for lack of ivtc.                   
       - MUST BE XviD (all DivX codecs are banned).                              
       - MUST use 2 pass technique during encoding.                              
       - NO DUPES BASED ON CODEC TYPE, USE INTERNAL!                             
      Resolution and Aspect Ratio:                                               
       - Width: 512 - 672 pixels for WS movies (Letterboxed is considered WS).   
                448 - 576 pixels for FS movies (Only 4:3 images).                
       - Height and Width: Must be a multiple of 16.                             
       - Cropping is required to be the MAXIMUM possible (black borders must     
         be cropped to their maximum). Over cropped releases are considered      
         a technical flaw. Some movies present changing ARs, in that case the    
         cropping applies only to the image that presents more pixels (Means     
         that part of the movie will have bad cropping).                         
       - Movie encodes must be within 5% of the original aspect ratio.           
         Calculating AR % error: (Release AR - Original AR)/Original AR x 100    
      Subs, Interactive Menus, Trailers:                                         
       - OPTIONAL (ONLY if all other requirements have been met).                
       - VOBSUB is the preferred format due to the fact it does not use OCR.     
         However, any format that displays with DVobSub is acceptable.           
       - Subtitles may be MUXED with video stream, but MAY NOT be BURNED into    
         video stream. MUXED subs will proper BURNED subs.                       
       - Subtitles not muxed into video stream MUST be encapsulated in a .rar    
         file with the MOST compression available and shall be contained in      
         the directory named 'Subs' and will NOT be packaged with main movie     
       - Burned subtitles shall only be permissible when the source exhibits     
         aforementioned subtitles in the picture itself (i.e. Subs in the        
         matte portion of the picture MUST be typed in a separate file and the   
         frame shall be cropped). If there is a part of the burned subtitles     
         on the picture itself, and another part on the matte portion of the     
         picture, the frame must be cropped to 2 pixels from the start of the    
         subtitles on the matte portion. Upside cropping of the picture has      
         nothing to do with the downside, therefore the cropping on the upside   
         MUST BE to it's maximum.                                                
       - English subs on non English movies MUST fit on CD with main movie,      
         all other optional subs SHOULD fit on the CD.                           
       - Foreign movies (Non English Spoken) with no English subs, must have     
         the language name taggings (applies to the various non English          
         scenes). Movies with English subs present, WILL NOT HAVE any language   
         tag on them!                                                            
       - Using of hand made subs on non English releases (i.e. fansubs) MUST     
         be mentioned in the nfo, and at nuker's discretion if to nuke the       
         release for Bad.Subs, depends on how bad the subtitles are. Please      
         use common judgement! Releases that were nuked for bad subtitles, may   
         be propered only by subtitles that came from the retail DVD (Ripper's   
         choice if to release the full movie again or just the subtitles).       
       - Multi-language subtitles cannot be used as a basis for a dupe.          
       - All releases must be AVI, not BIN/CUE.                                  
       - Must be packed with RAR and broken into 15 or 20 MB volumes.            
         Releases that are more then 1 CD must have the RAR files broken into    
         2 or more CD volumes.                                                   
       - Compression is not allowed.                                             
       - Recovery and MD5 record are recommended.                                
       - Must have SFV included for each CD.                                     
       - Must have NFO.                                                          
       - NFO SHOULD INCLUDE:                                                     
           Group name                                                            
           Actual XviD release date                                              
           DVD release date                                                      
           Theatrical release date (US preferably)                               
           Video size                                                            
           Framesize/Aspect Ratio                                                
           Audio bitrate                                                         
           Video bitrate                                                         
           Movie runtime/Length                                                  
           IMDB/Amazon/Any other DVD site info link                              
           Number of rars per CD (i.e. 50x15MB)                                  
           Ripping method                                                        
           DRF average                                                           
       - Movie credits can be encoded separately at a lower bitrate only if the  
         time length exceeds the no. of CDs used (i.e. 106 min on 1CD for FILM   
         source, or 201 min on 2CDs for PAL source, etc).                        
       - Any movies with scenes in the credits (i.e. bloopers or continuation    
         of story) MAY NOT be downsampled!                                       
       - Cutting Credits is not allowed.                                         
       - REQUIRED!                                                               
       - 1 full minute in length and in a separate folder marked as 'Sample'.    
       - MUST be taken from the movie - NOT encoded separately.                  
       - Vob samples are recommended for any rip that is deemed questionable:    
         i.e. no ivtc possible on source, ivtc to 24.975fps etc.                 
       - Propers are ONLY permitted in the case of a technical flaw in the       
         original release (i.e. Bad IVTC, Interlacing, bad number of CDs).       
       - Releases not nuked on release lists and/or sites MUST include           
         original sample of the technical flaw.                                  
       - Qualitative propers are not allowed, nor are propers based on           
         decisions made by a ripper (i.e. No. of CDs, AC3 or MP3, etc).          
       - Propers based upon the compliance with new instances of TXD2K5          
         guidelines are also forbidden.                                          
         Only propers acceptable when propering old tdx rips are propers based   
         on picture damage: Aspect Ratio, IVTC, Over-Cropping. Other propers     
         acceptable are propers based on releases that did not follow previous   
         tdx guidelines, at the time they were released.                         
       - Subbed (in original movie language) propers dubbed (in any language).   
       - Hardcored Subs may be propered by releases containing Vobsub/Srt.       
         <This rule will not apply to movies ripped before TXD2K5>               
      WS vs. FS:                                                                 
       - FS movies after WS was out, are FORBIDDEN unless proven it contains     
         more picture (use of sample or .jpg as proof).                          
       - WS movies after FS was out, MUST HAVE original sample from the          
         previous release, unless proven no WS DVD was out at the time the FS    
         was released. A WS not following the above is considered a DUPE!        
       - WS or FS name tags on the release name, if the other wasn't released    
         in the past, WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! <use nfo to mention the AR>.        
       - WS cannot proper another WS: for example 2.35:1 after 1.85:1 is out.    
         Use the tag WS in the dirname instead. However WS after a wider WS      
         was released, will be considered a DUPE unless proven it contains       
         more picture! Sample rule applies here also.                            
       - Letterboxed DVDs are not considered FS even if it's FS on the source!   
      Special Movie Editions:                                                    
       - Special Edition releases without any different features in the film     
         itself will be considered dupes of previous releases of the same        
       - Shorter cut version of a movie after a longer version was released is   
         allowed (i.e. THEATRICAL), and MUST be mentioned in the dirname.        
       - Remastered movies after the original have been released are allowed     
         only if the original release was in BLACK AND WHITE and the             
         remastered edition is colour. Everything else use INTERNAL!             
         (Remastered DVD releases that were nuked in the past and were colour    
         after black and white, shall not be unnuked and shall not be duped!)    
       - Remastered audio will be considered a dupe if it's the only reason      
         movie was re-released.                                                  
       - Extras released in a special movie edition, cannot be used as a basis   
         for a dupe, unless released separately <and are not dupes of previous   
       - Homemade Rips are not allowed (Use INTERNAL!). For example adding of    
         deleted scenes, alternate endings, chrono editions. Only retail DVD     
         rips of this versions are allowed.                                      
       - NOTE: PAL - NTSC length difference comes from the no. of frames, not    
         extra footage.                                                          
      Directory Naming:                                                          
       - All releases are to include production year (applies to the pre scene   
         as well).                                                               
       - DO NOT indicate Ripping method, DVD/XviD release date, Genre, Audio     
         which was used (no AC3) or anything else! (ONLY WITHIN THE NFO)         
       - Movie distribution tags i.e. FESTIVAL, STV, LIMITED or TV (TV tag       
         is used for TV movies only) are allowed and shall be used wisely and    
       - READ.NFO is strictly forbidden.                                         
       - Other permitted tags are: WS/FS <rules above>, PROPER, REPACK, RERIP,   
         SE, UNCUT, INTERNAL, DUBBED, SUBBED.                                    
       - Acceptable characters in naming a directory include (NO spaces or       
         double dots - single dots or underscores ONLY):                         
           0123456789 .-_                                                        
       - Releases that are more than 1 CD MUST be named CD1, CD2, CD3 and so     
         on ('disc1' and others are NOT allowed).                                
      TV Series Notes:                                                           
       - All Episodes <DVD rips> are obligated to follow the above rules.        
       - Media usage capacity:                                                   
           *  4x 20-23min = 1CD, Releases shall not be over 175mb.               
           *  3x 23-35min = 1CD, Releases shall not be over 233mb.               
           *  2x 35-50min = 1CD, Releases shall not be over 350mb.               
           *  Episodes further then 50 minutes, will follow the length rules     
              of TXD2K5.                                                         
         NOTE: Runtimes not mentioned above should fit on 1 CD i.e. 5x120mb,     
         6x116mb, 7x100mb etc.                                                   
       - Sizes mentioned above may be used only when minimum runtime is applied, 
         i.e. 23 minutes on 233mb or 35 minutes on 350mb. Media usage is at      
         ripper's discretion (i.e. 25 minutes may also be on 175mb).             
       - Recommendation: 26x22min = 1 DVD-R Disc, 13x45min = 1 DVD-R Disc        
         i.e. 172mb x 26eps or 344mb x 13eps fits on 1 burnable DVD-R Disc.      
       - Exception: 20-23min NTSC episodes (29.97 fps) may use 233mb.            
                            읕컴[ NOTES TO THE RULES ]컴켸                       
      Source related notes:                                                      
       - DVD source shall be RETAIL/DVD Screener only. Non DVD sources like      
         CAM, TS, TC, VHS, SCREENER, PDVD, LDVD etc, MUST be tagged with source  
         in dirname and MUST adhere to ALL TXD2K5 rules!                         
       - DVD Screeners shall be clearly marked in the directory name and the     
         nfo shall contain presence of studio watermarking and counters or       
         lack thereof.                                                           
       - Use of downsampled DVD-Rs as source is FORBIDDEN! <only untouched>      
       - All INTERNALS must follow TXD2K5 rules, apart from the time length      
         rules and multi-language audio tracks rule (and will not be considered  
         as dupes). Other codecs and containers are allowed for experimental     
       - NOTE: INTERNAL dirfix is not allowed as a basis of avoiding a nuke.     
      Ripping related notes:                                                     
       - Maximum VIDEO bitrates are covered by length rules.                     
       - If DRF average would be over 4.0, the resolution should be lowered if   
         possible, until the minimal res is reached. See Resolution rules.       
         DRF average can be checked with DRF Analyzer <It is recommended to      
         check the full avi file and not just the sample>.                       
       - Quant. Matrix always has to be H.263/MPEG due to lack of hardware       
         support for Custom matrixes.                                            
       - Quarterpel/GMC forbidden due to lack of hardware support.               
       - Packed Bitstream is not supported on some of the major gen chipsets,    
         therefore using it, is not recommended.                                 
       - The use of ITU-R is not recommended since it gives an AR error of       
         around 2% from the original DVD's Aspect Ratio.                         
       - Multi-language audio tracks are allowed only for INTERNALS.             
         Multiple languages should be interleaved into the AVI, with a           
         graphedit filter for each appropriate audio stream.                     
       - NO intros, outros, betweenos, or any other form of defacement of the    
         movie will be tolerated.                                                
                The Tradition Continues: TXD RULES 2K5 (2005-09-25)              
             TDX2K2 <2002-07-12) 2K1 (2001-04-22) Original (2000-04-26)          
                            --------[ GROUPS ]--------                         
                  TXD2K5 Rules signed by the following XviD Groups:              
                       ALLiANCE HLS DMT DoNE XPD DEiTY DVL LRC                   
                    FRAGMENT EPiC FiNaLe LiGHTNiNG iNCiTE PROMiSE                
                 VALiOMEDiA iMBT DDX VoMiT iNFiNiTE TWiST EXiLE LiNE             
              TheWretched GoDSMaCK aAF iMMORTALs FiCO aNBc MEDiAMANiACS          
                 SAPHiRE TML iLLUSiON NEPTUNE MDX KiNOBOX SiNK RETRO             
                    EPiSODE TURKiSO SSB TDL CRDS WRD FEZ SAVANNAH                
                       AEROHOLiCS DnB BETAMAX CG MiNT DvF BiEN                   
                      FFNDVD SAiNTS GOTHiC SFM FQM MEDiEVAL FoV                  
       ----[ Edited By tcj 2005. Respect goes to all TDX teams 2000-2002 ]----
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                                      [ 11APR2K5 ]
             複                  蔔栢栢栢栢栢栢栢栢栢白                  複
         複栢栢栢껑            蔔栢栢栢栢栢栢栢栢栢栢栢白            굉栢栢栢複
       蔔栢栢栢栢栢껑        蔔栢栢栢栢栢栢栢栢栢栢栢栢栢白        굉栢栢栢栢栢白
      査栢栢昉賞栢栢栢栢栢栢栢栢栢方굉          께굅栢栢栢栢栢栢栢栢栢栢三栢栢栢
       栢栢旁   賞栢栢栢栢栢栢旁굉                    껑글栢栢栢栢栢栢幡   글栢栢
        賞栢      賞栢栢栢旁                            껑栢栢栢栢      겡栢
          賞旁        賽賽                                    賽賽        글幡
           斌                                                              격
              . Release size must be at 4.3-4.37 Gb unless source is DVD5.
              . PAL after NTSC and NTSC after PAL is allowed.
            . Re-encoding:
                   . CCE version 2.50+ or must be used in all
                     circumstances where transcoding (re-encoding) of the video
                     stream is required. REmpeg and TMPGenc are NOT allowed.
                     New unknown or unreleased encoders are not strictly
                     forbidden, however use at your own risk.
                   . Automated Programs that perform DVD9>DVD5 rips are
                     FORBIDDEN, e.g. InstanCopy, DVDXCopy, DVDShrink  etc.
                   . Minimum average bitrate allowed is 3000 kbit/s
                     (2800 kbit/s for tv shows). If minimum average bitrate
                     cannot be achieved, a valid explanation is required in
                     the NFO.
                   . TV-DVDR does not need to be deinterlaced.
                   . Quality Settings:
                       . CCE:
                           . No CBR. Multipass is to be enforced.
                           . The initial 1st pass that encodes the .vaf file 
                             in CCE is NOT considered within the multipass set.
                           . The number of passes required for a movie is to be
                             determined by the final avg bitrate. Under 
                             4,000k/s 6+ passes required, over 4,000k/s 
                             5 passes are required.
              . Dolby Digital is considered the standard audio format and is 
                required in all releases that contain this audio format.
              . DVDs that contain only PCM audio are allowed and should
                be noted in the NFO.
              . Downsampling of audio tracks, except audio commentary is
                banned. No downsampling of any other tracks.
              . If audio is stripped from a DVD9 disk, superior audio tracks
                need to be kept. e.g. If a DVD contained DD2.0 and DD5.1
                audio, DD2.0 would be stripped in favor to 5.1. However in
                regards to DVDs that contain both DTS and 5.1, 5.1 must be
                kept. The inclusion of a DTS stream is up to the ripper's 
              . For non-English movies, the movie's original language audio
                stream must be kept unless it is not contained in the retail.
                In the circumstances that a reissue/new edition dvd contains
                an original language audio stream, a re-release of the movie
                is valid.
              . For ALL English movies, the English audio stream MUST be kept.
              . The inclusion of other audio streams will be based upon the
                ripper's discretion, whether they are foreign or commentary.
            Notes: DTS/SUPERBIT/DTS-ONLY are issues that cannot be ignored.
                   However, it is not up to us to decide whether they should
                   be allowed or not. Rather, it's up to the SITES that will
                   determine their own appropriate rules. However, those 
                   groups that wish to release DTS, SUPERBIT and/or DTS-ONLY
                   should name their directory clearly with the appropriate
                   tags of DTS, SUPERBIT and/or DTS-ONLY.
                  複蔔栢白複                  複栢複          複白
             栢栢幡 栢幡賞昉글栢껑굉栢栢栢幡賽    幡긋栢굇꿉賽    百
                   査    賞栢賽       栢  死             査
                   幡      魄   沙   朋     査   硼         幡
              . Releases of superior/remastered editions of previous released
                DVDs are ALLOWED as they improve upon the initial release.
                e.g. If a new mastered DVD contains a 5.1 stream compared
                     to an inferior stream in the previous release, the
                     release is considered valid.
              . Mastered DVDs of: Director's Cut, Criterion, Unrated or any
                editions with additional/extended scenes are not considered
                dupes over existing mastered DVDs.
              . The DVD to be ripped should also be the best available edition
                on the market. 
              . NO ONE CLICK APPS ARE TO BE USED!  e.g. InstanCopy, DVDXCopy,
                DVDShrink  etc. Anything else like Scenarist and Maestro are 
                acceptable so long as newly reauthored DVDR plays as original does.
              . VTS Sectors must always be gotten.
              . Keep them all. If certain subs present a problem, it is the 
                rippers discretion to retain.
              . Closed Captioning must be retained if no subtitles are present on
                the source disc, and if CC are present.
              . Menus MUST be included. In extreme cases where the retail does
                not contain a menu, it must be mentioned in the NFO.
              . The menu must be in English and not foreign, unless they
                are aimed for non-English endusers.
              . Removing useless links within the menu is required. If you 
                remove something, disable or remove the button. 
              . If all else is stripped and still can't get a 3000k/s avg 
                bitrate, then the menu may be reencoded at a minimum of 
                3000k/s avg. 
              . Extras are an added value but are not needed. Extras are 
                allowed to be transcoded @ ripper's discretion.
              . A minimum of 5 passes for extras is required.
            DVD Limitations:
              . Macro vision must be removed.
              . All user limitations and restrictions must be removed.
              . Releases must be made region free.
              . Any new unmentioned copy protection that comes out( ie: ARcoSS) must be stripped.
                  複蔔栢白複                  複栢複          複白
             栢栢幡 栢幡賞昉글栢껑굉栢栢栢幡賽    幡긋栢굇꿉賽    百
                   査    賞栢賽       栢  死             査
                   幡      魄   沙   朋     査   硼         幡
              . All releases must either use .IMG or .ISO. Other formats
                are NOT allowed.
              . Releases must be broken up into rars of 50,000,000 bytes.
              . Recovery Record MUST be used.
              . Compression method must be store.
              . SFVs and NFOs MUST be included.
              . NFO must include the following:
                   . Groups name.
                   . Title.
                   . Region, NTSC or PAL.
                   . Number of Passes and Bitrate used when re-encoding 
                     main movie.
                   . Number of Passes and Bitrate used when re-encoding 
                   . Audio streams, and subtitles included.
                   . What has been stripped, extras, menu, etc.
                   . IMDB, or similar link.
                   . Number of archive files.
              . Samples are required. Minimum size shall be 30mb, but must be
                no more than 50mb.
              . Samples must be put in a separate sub directory, labeled
              . Vobs must be cut and used as sample. You cannot rename a rar 
                and use it as the sample. The sample must have a header. 
              . Samples must be from actual packed vob. Separate encodes are
                not allowed.
              . VOBSplitter or ChopperXP are recommended for making samples.
            Directory Naming:
              . ALL releases are to include production year, except for 
                current year and TV series.
              . Directory name MUST include REGION (NTSC or PAL).
              . Acceptable characters are as follows:
                        0123456789 . -_
              . COMPLETE is for DVD5 only
              . Non-Complete DVD-9 releases are to be named as:
              . Sub directories are to be labeled as DISC1, DISC2,
                etc. EXTRA and CD1, CD2 dirs are NOT allowed.
                  複蔔栢白複                  複栢複          複白
             栢栢幡 栢幡賞昉글栢껑굉栢栢栢幡賽    幡긋栢굇꿉賽    百
                   査    賞栢賽       栢  死             査
                   幡      魄   沙   朋     査   硼         幡
              . Propers will ONLY be released if previous had technical flaws
                such as menu errors, bad quality, etc. 
              . Just because a previous release was not COMPLETE does not
                provide a legitimate reason to PROPER/DUPE.
              . Propers based on previous releases having improper dir names
                will not be tolerated.
              . PPF patches should be used for fixing releases with simple
                problems such as RCE/Region coding, VTS sectors, P-Ups and
                so forth. REPACKS/PROPERS should be avoided if a PPF patch is
              . R1 or R2 after R3 is not considered a DUPE.
              . Intros and outros are not tolerated.
              . Group watermarks within the DVD are STRICTLY forbidden.
              . Volume Label must be EXACTLY like the original. Adding any
                tags to the Volume Label will not be tolerated.
                  複蔔栢白複                  複栢複          複白
             栢栢幡 栢幡賞昉글栢껑굉栢栢栢幡賽    幡긋栢굇꿉賽    百
                   査    賞栢賽       栢  死             査
                   幡      魄   沙   朋     査   硼         幡
            The DVDR Releasing Standards Originally Written and Organized By:
                         AUK . SOUL . JR . MAH . PURP . CONE
              The 2005 Revised Releasing Standards Written and Organized By:
                   ANBC . BADBOYS . BHP . CUNT . EMERALD . FBiSO  
                 HELLBOUND . IGUANA . iNERTiA . iV . KooSH . REQDVD 
           斌                                                              격
          蔔旁        複複                                    複複        글白
        蔔栢      蔔栢栢栢旁                            껑栢栢栢栢      겡栢
       栢栢旁   蔔栢栢栢栢栢栢旁굉                    껑글栢栢栢栢栢栢白   글栢栢
      査栢栢昉蔔栢栢栢栢栢栢栢栢栢方굉          께굅栢栢栢栢栢栢栢栢栢栢兵栢栢栢
       賞栢栢栢栢栢껑        賞栢栢栢栢栢栢栢栢栢栢栢栢栢幡        굉栢栢栢栢栢幡
         賽栢栢栢껑            賞栢栢栢栢栢栢栢栢栢栢栢幡            굉栢栢栢賽
             賽                  賞栢栢栢栢栢栢栢栢栢幡                  賽
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    MP3 Rules Dated 2005.03.03
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    updated all 3 nfo's

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    Quote Originally Posted by {I}{K}{E}
    MP3 Rules Dated 2005.03.03

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samurai
    Quote Originally Posted by {I}{K}{E}
    MP3 Rules Dated 2005.03.03
    copy/paste the link

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    Quote Originally Posted by {I}{K}{E}
    Quote Originally Posted by Samurai
    copy/paste the link
    It doesn't work in Opera. I've uploaded it to ImageShack if you want to replace it so others don't have the same problem... you can credit it to the same site if you want to.


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    all this is jargon to me. but trying to understand.

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    have the 2k6 standards not surfaced yet?

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    Music Video Council 2.0 FINAL  
    This document is designed to resolve problems with dupes, propers, REAL_PROPERS, etc.. and to ensure that only quality releases are released to the MV scene. The following groups have agreed to follow these guidelines: 
    FSPViDZ GOD kvz MiLF mkv mv mVa mVi mVz pHViD rHViD SE UVZ VME wcs
    1) Encoding
    2) Releasing
         a) Dirname/Filename
         b) Logos
         c) Concerts & Live Performances
         d) NFO
    3) Propers & Dupes
    1) Encoding  
    Two formats will be allowed: SVCD and VCD.
         - This means that any other format, such as:
         will not be allowed. If you must, keep them INTERNAL.
    VCD Audio  - MPEG-1 Layer 2 44.1KHz 224kbps
    - Replacing audio on VCD rips is RECOMMENDED,
       but not required.
    VCD Video:  - PAL - 1150kbps CBR, 352x288, 25 fps.
    - NTSC - 1150kbps CBR, 352x240, 29.970 fps.
    - NTSC-FILM - 1150kbps CBR, 352x240, 23.967 fps. (via IVTC)
    SVCD Audio  - Audio must be replaced on all SVCD music videos. 
       Replacement audio must be from a CD, or from a high
       bitrate MP3 (192kbps+) ripped from a CD. All
       video soundeffects must be inserted into the replac-
       ement audio
    * If replacement audio *DOES NOT EXIST* for videos older than 1998,
       then you can release with normalised tv audio, AND, IF 
    * Vinyl ripped MP3s are not to be used. Replacing
       less-than-cd-quality with less-than-cd-quality is
    * Use uncensored audio. If you use censored audio,
       prepare to be propered.
    - Live rips (concerts, performances) use normalised audio
       from source. If source is 48KHz, downsample to 44.1KHz.
    SVCD Video:  - PAL - Should be inverse 2:2 pulldown manually, if possible.
       (This is also known as manual-deinterlace)
    - NTSC - Should be inverse 3:2 pulldown manually, if possible.
          (This is also known as IVTC).
          If 3:2 pulldown is not possible, then
          inverse 2:2 pulldown manually, if possible.
          (This is also known as manual-deinterlace)
    - Interlaced videos will not be allowed.
    - Video and audio bitrate MUST be within SVCD standard.
       For maximum player compatibility, it is STRONGLY
       RECOMMENDED that the video bitrate does not exceed
       2496 kbps. - SVCD rips must not be ripped from VHS or SVHS source,
       due to the sub-SVCD specs of both formats.
       VHS resolution (analogue) approx 240 lines of resolution.
       SVHS resolution (analogue) approx 400 lines of resolution.
       VCD resolution      = 352x240(NTSC), 352x288(PAL)
       SVCD resolution    = 480x480(NTSC), 480x576(PAL)
       VHS/SVHS is only sufficient for VCD rips. SVCD rips 
       from VHS/SVHS must be kept INTERNAL.
    2) Releasing  
    2a) Dirname/filename  
        - Directory name is decided by the group. However, the following naming
           scheme is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED:
        - SFV and NFO are required.
        - The standard extension is .mpg for both VCD and SVCD releases. However,
           it doesn't matter, so groups decide to use .mpg or .m2v as extension.
    2b) Logos  
        - Including an intro/outro is NOT RECOMMENDED. Advertisements in your
           videos is not what the MV scene is about... if you must spam, then
           do it your NFO file. However, intro/outro will not be banned, and
           propering a video with a logo will not be permitted.
        - Watermarking on videos is NOT ALLOWED. This is the same situation as
           intro/outro - nobody wants to stare at your spam while watching your
           rips. It's already bad enough that tv stations do it. Videos with
           watermarks can be propered.
           For letterboxed videos, covering a TV station logo that is entirely
           in the letterbox is RECOMMENDED. However, propering because of
           tv-station-not-covered will not be permitted.
    2c) Concerts and Live Performances  
           - Concerts involving one artist must be released as one release.
              This means, for example, that if you rip a concert of Linkin Park
              at the Royal Albert Hall, you CANNOT release each song as a release.
           - You should include the main introduction and any other introductions
              between songs, as the point in ripping a concert is to have a COMPLETE
              copy of the concert.
           - The ripper decides to rip as separate tracks or as full CDs. 
              If you rip as separate tracks, DO NOT PUT A LOGO ON EACH TRACK.
              Single-tracks ripped concerts should be packaged in ONE release,
              similar to a mp3 album:
              If you rip as full CDs, it is recommended that you use multipass VBR
              to make it fit evenly on one or more CDs. Also package it as a BIN/CUE,
              and release it the same way VCDs are: 15mb rars, and a 1 minute sample:
           - Non-concert live performances with more than one song, such as those
              on TOTP, awards shows, etc. should be released as individual videos
              with any intermediate footage (interviews, presentations, etc.) cut
              out. Also, include the date and the name of the show in the dirname.
           - COMMERCIALS (such as Britney Spears' Pepsi) are not music videos, so
              they will not be allowed. Keep non music video rips INTERNAL.
    2d) NFO  
        - Your NFO should contain:
           - Artist and Title
           - Format (VCD/SVCD, and PAL/NTSC/NTSC-FILM)
           - Video source
           - Audio source
           - Deinterlace type
           - Size
           - Genre (This is nice for sites with scripts that search NFOs for genre)
           - Video Year
           - Live videos MUST include the show it is from and the date it was aired.
           - If you are propering, you MUST include the reason for proper,
              and the name/date of the release being propered.
        - Other useful information to include in your NFO, optionally, is:
           - Length in min:sec
           - Bitrate of video and audio streams
           - Album name
           - Description of video
           - Fullscreen or Letterbox (FS or WS)
           - Source (Name of DVD or name of TV station)
    3) Propers and Dupes  
       Propering because of SLIGHT quality increase is not acceptable. If the original rip
       was very bad, then proper, but un-neeeded propers will be nuked ! 
        - PAL & NTSC
           NTSC and PAL dupes will NOT BE ALLOWED. Keep PAL/NTSC dupes INTERNAL.
           Releases of lower quality are dupes of higher quality, as decided by 
           the following list, which is in order of lowest quality to highest:
    Native:  This means progressive.
    NTSC produced video is native to NTSC broadcasts, and PAL
    produced video is native to PAL broadcasts. Native NTSC
    broadcast means IVTC-able NTSC or progressive NTSC.
    Native PAL means progressive PAL.
    Convert:  This also means deinterlaced.
    A PAL produced video, broadcast in NTSC, is converted before
    it's bradcasted. A NTSC produced video is converted to PAL
    before it's broadcasted. These converts cannot be reversed
    to progressive, and must be deinterlaced.
           Hence, it is not a good idea to release pal-ntsc converts of top 50 videos,
           because a native rip will be released.
           - Widescreen/fullscreen dupes will not be allowed. Keep WS/FS dupes INTERNAL.
           - The following are reasons for you to release a PROPER:
              - Desync
              - Incomplete
              - Improper inverse 3:2 or 2:2 pulldown
              - Lack of inverse 3:2 or 2:2 pulldown (when possible)
              - Out-of-spec rips
              - Massive frame drops
              - Very bad quality (includes low bitrate on high motion videos)
              - Rips without replaced audio (Concerts/performances excluded)
              - Native video with correct picture aspect is broadcasted
              - Logo included more than once in a concert release
              - Watermarked video
              - Censored replacement audio
              - Improper multiplexing (such as underflowed audio)
           It is vitally important that you state which release you are propering
           and your reasons in your nfo, and as well make sure to put -proper- in
           your dirname.
           - It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you demux with M2 edit, and remux with 
              bbmpeg, to avoid improper multiplexing errors.
           - No propering of releases previous to MV COUNCIL will be allowed.
              If you want to release a better version of an OLD video, keep it INTERNAL !
           - MV COUNCIL 1.0 FINAL begins on 01 OCTOBER, 2002.
           - MV COUNCIL 2.0 FINAL begins on XX XXXXXXX, 2003.
    Old MViD?

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