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Thread: Windows monitoring software?

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    What's the best software for monitoring my own computer's activity into a log that's password protected? I need a way to check who and what are people doing on this machine sometimes, because I have a few people that are getting porn spyware on here sometimes. They claim to have no clue, but that's cheap.
    Any ideas? It's one of my machines, my right.

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    search on google for Keylogger

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    you know, i had been thinkin about something like this
    for when my brother comes down
    cuz he always seems to get the spam/porn/etc popups going
    so i did a little research today......
    i like the looks of spyagent,
    but cant find a *full* version......yet
    i CAN get the full version of remote desktop spy,
    but it looks like its geared more towards remote monitoring,
    which i dont need, but if you think it may be what youre looking for....

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    the best one its sspro 5.5

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    Quote Originally Posted by sankipanki View Post
    the best one its sspro 5.5
    You mean? System Surveillance Pro

    Excuse Me?
    Didn't Think So!


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