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Thread: Argh!

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    Is anyone else having this problem? I do quite well in searching for audio, video, image and documents but when it comes to searching for software I get almost no hits (2-3 if I'm lucky) And when my friends search the same thing they get massive hits. Anyone know what the hell is going on?

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    simply leave it running, and it will keep on searching. Also search for something you know people might share not something nobody heard of.

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    Make sure you've got the "filter files that may contain viruses" filter off.

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    hi there !
    one thing that will open up the flood gates is different angles for searching eg:- if you want intervideo win dvd recorder, try typing it this way InterVideo WinDVD Recorder. i found by using upper case when i should be, the searches increased significantly.
    hoping this helps

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    try unloading and loading up kazaa, that used to happen to me before randomly. nothing would show up for popular files.


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