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Thread: Misuse of the 911 service.

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    a well
    Woman calls 911 because the fast food people wont make her the food like she wants it.

    Here be the recording of the conversation:

    • Dispatcher: Sheriff's department, how can I help you?

      Woman: Yeah, I'm over here . . . I'm over here at Burger King right here in San Clemente.*

      Dispatcher: Uh-huh.

      Woman: Um, no, not San Clemente; I'm sorry, I live in San Clemente. I'm in Laguna Niguel, I think, that's where I'm at.

      Dispatcher: Uh-huh.

      Woman: I'm at a drive-through right now.

      Dispatcher: Uh-huh.

      Woman: I went . . . I ordered my food three times. They're mopping the floor inside, and I understand they're busy . . . they're not even busy, okay, I've been the only car here. I asked them four different times to make me a Western Barbeque Burger. Okay, they keep giving me a hamburger with lettuce, tomato, and cheese, onions, and I said, "I'm not leaving . . ."

      Dispatcher: Uh-huh.

      Woman: I want a Western Burger because I just got my kids from Tae Kwon Do, they're hungry, I'm on my way home, and I live in San Clemente.

      Dispatcher: Uh-huh.

      Woman: Okay . . . she said, she gave me another hamburger; it's wrong. I said four times, I said, "I want it to go. Can you go out and park in front?" I said, "No, I want my hamburger right." So then the . . . the lady came to the manager. She . . . well whoever she is, she came up and she said, um, she said, um, "Do you want your money back?" And I said, "No, I want my hamburger. My kids are hungry and I have to jump on that toll freeway." I said, "I am not leaving this spot," and I said, "I will call the police," because I want my Western Burger done right! Now is that so hard?

      Dispatcher: Okay, what exactly is it you want us to do for you?

      Woman: I . . . send an officer down here. I . . . I want them to make me . . .

      Dispatcher: Ma'am, we're not gonna go down there and enforce your Western Bacon Cheeseburger.

      Woman: What am I supposed to do?

      Dispatcher: This is . . . this is between you and the manager. We're not gonna go and enforce how to make a hamburger; that's not a criminal issue. There's . . . there's nothing criminal there.

      Woman: So I just stand here . . . so I just sit here and [block]?

      Dispatcher: You . . . you need to calmly and rationally speak to the manager and figure out what to do between you.

      Woman: She did come up, and I said, "Can I please have my Western Burger?" She . . . she said, "I'm not dealing with it," and she walked away. Because they're mopping the floor, and it's also the fact that they don't want to . . . they don't want to go through there . . . and . . . and . . .

      Dispatcher: Ma'am, then I suggest you get your money back and go somewhere else. This is . . . this is not a criminal issue. We can't go out there and make them make you a cheeseburger the way you want it.

      Woman: Well . . . that is . . . that . . . you're supposed to be here to protect me.

      Dispatcher: Well, what are we protecting you from, a wrong cheeseburger?

      Woman: No . . .

      Dispatcher: Is this like . . . is this a harmful cheeseburger or something? I don't understand what you want us to do.

      Woman: Just come down here. I'm not . . . I'm not leaving.

      Dispatcher: No ma'am, I'm not sending the deputies down there over a cheeseburger. You need to go in there and act like an adult and either get your money back or go home.

      Woman: She is not acting like an adult herself! I'm sitting here in my car; I just want them to make my kids a . . . a Western Burger.

      Dispatcher: Ma'am, this is what I suggest: I suggest you get your money back from the manager and you go on your way home.

      Woman: Okay.

      Dispatcher: Okay? Bye-bye.

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    can't believe she had to call the law for help for a burger.. -_-

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    I can't believe burger bars have to serve morons like that.

    Morons yeah, but like that?

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    fucking blonde dumbass (ok so im stereotypical....but hey, blondes are hot too...that's not "so" stereotypical heh heh )

    Jeff Loomis: He's so good, he doesn't need to be dead to have a tribute.

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    The Western Bacon Cheeseburger is a menu item offered by Carl's Jr., not Burger King.


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    i would of just nuked laguna and been done with the burgerking and the stupid whore with her idiocity...

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    "stupid whore" ha! :-D
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