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Thread: HDD standing in its ear....

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    Sep 2003
    bah! it should read "...standing ON its ear..."
    me & my fking typos

    ....or standing vertical, if you like that better
    how safe is it to leave it vertical and run it for days on end?
    (i.e....external drives on a vertical stand)

    i am between two thoeries on this....
    1. they ship with vertical stands so it must be OK, or....
    2. they were intended for backup drives: turn it on, back it up, shut it down

    thoughts, anyone?
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    I guess the only real problem would be the read/write arms inside a hardrive.

    If a harddrive is on it's side the arms would be moving vertically instead of horizontally.

    It stands to reason that this would make them work harder due to the force of gravity.

    I suppose this subject is open for debate.

    But, I'm sure that hardrive mfg take this into account when designing them due to the growing trend of external harddrive storage and the different vendors releasing enclosures that stand vertically as opposed to horizontally.

    Outside of that, the differences may be nominal at best, making this a non-issue.

    my .02


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    HDDs can be installed in any direction you wish.

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    It will work fine.
    Some cases have vertical mounting hard drives, and sometimes people put their tower cases sideways on a desk, and teh drivees run fine.


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