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Thread: DOS sound settings

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    yesterday i stumbled accross alot of abandonware (old games)
    i seem to be having trouble configuring the IRQ, Port & DMA for the sound

    how do i find out mine?
    or are there any progs that detect them for you?

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    if you're trying to play DOS games in Windows2000 or WindowsXP, these newer versions of Windows don't have DOS but a sort of DOS emulator which doesn't do sound very well. it often fails to substitute current soundcards for the SoundBlaster card which was prevalent many years ago.

    it is possible to fiddle around a bit with Win2000/XP's settings and get sound out of some DOS games, but it's pretty hit-or-miss. not really worth the effort, i think.

    the easiest, most reliable way to get DOS games to work correctly would be to use a program like VDMSound (a SoundBlaster emulator for Win2000/XP) or DosBox (a DOS emulator specifically designed for DOS games). i recommend trying VDMSound first, and if that doesn't work then try DosBox.
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