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Thread: Pgactorrents Invites

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    Any one a member of If so how do I get in I want a torrent they have but seems they either closed there doors or are invite only... If there invite and ur a member u mind hooking me up and if there closed altogether to new members and you are a member you should let me know and maybe you could download the app for me...
    Thx who ever can help ROCKS

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    I, too, would like to become a member of I have an all the time connection and decent bandwidth, if that makes any difference.
    When I try to access the pgactorrents site, there is just a page with a couple of pictures on it. Can anyone help me out please?
    Thank you for your time.

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    Hells Hamster
    I am sorry to inform you all but PGAC is now a private site. You can only get access if invited by a current member. The site unfortunately suffered from a large number of leechers who never shared anything they downloaded and never contributed to the site. Those who would download and run. Because of this Planet Master decided enough was enough and has now merged the forum and the tracker. Those people who did not have active memberships at the time of the merge will I believe be unable to connect anymore.
    The dead wood has been cut away and has left behind a wonderfull new site. Those who wish to join will have to work hard to get in. Those of us here have to work to stay.
    Sorry ..

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    is everything.
    Seems more and more sites are closing their doors these days.

    What sort of tracker was PGAC? Specialist releases or just general stuff?

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    hello, i have seen lots of good torents hosted from however it is invite only. if anyone has any invites or anything for this site i would much appreciate it. email is plllzz help if you can!

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    it sucks they have a lot of good stuff, i discovered their site the day before it became private and i was out of luck. if anyone has any invites it would be mucho appreciated. iam interested in their audio books, dont know if they have lots anymore but i know they did. any sympathy would be appreciated my email is plz help thanks!

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    I have to agree with the hampster we cant go inviting people when we dont know if there going to help the site or be a leach - cuz the inviter gets kicked off to

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    May I have an invite to Please?

    "Revenge is a meal best served cold"

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    am looking for an elitetorrents invite, can someone please hook me up. i will be very grateful

    Thanks in advance.

    my email address is


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    I'm looking for pgactorrents invite. If someone can send me an invite, that would be highly appriciated.

    I'm currently member of ET: Ratio 2.1
    I'm currently member of Oink: Ratio 1.189

    My email add:


    "I'll be here... I'll be 'waiting' I'll be waiting... for you ... so... If you come here... You'll find me. I promise..."


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