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Thread: Best website for online photos?

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    I have lots of photographs that I want to share with my friends. I know there are lots of website where you can upload pictures and manage them. Some of them scales down the image size and resolution and some don't. Some of them offers to add text to it. Some of them are limited by space.
    What in your opinion, is the best website for sharing your pictures online?
    Do you recommend creating your own website? The only problem with that is I have limited space on my website.

    Not sure if this is the right section
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    Hi, like most of the people in here, I use
    it has most of the options you mentioned,
    thumb views and stuff. And also allows you to see your uploaded pics in a thumb gallery,
    I like it, its pretty decent.

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    I was wondering about this. I would like to send me mom pics of the kids . But it takes way too long to upload using msn . . I send using yousendit some times , but would appreciate a better way .
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    I like photobucket the best.

    but a lot of people use imageshack, it's probably better. I've never tried it ebfore.

    peatmoss you could put them all into a zip file and use yousendit to send them all at once, that would probably be faster than any other way.
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