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Thread: Any Outpost 2.5 users opinions??

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    skelley521's Avatar puter ghost
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    Feb 2003
    Any users opinions on Outpost 2.5??
    I am currently using Sygate Pro 5.5 build 2710 and was thinking about switching.

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    zapjb's Avatar Computer Abuser BT Rep: +3
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    Nov 2002
    I've tried both. Outpost was constantly asking for permissions. Too much hassle. Out of the two Sygate wins my vote.
    But I've actually switched from my favorite firewall Sygate to Look 'n' Stop firewall. LnS with enhanced rules set enabled is stealth just like Sygate, but uses only 1/4 - 1/2 system resources of Sygate.

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    4play's Avatar knob jockey
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    Jan 2003
    outpost is very good. I know it keeps asking permissions for the same programs but it will block alot of unwanted malware that uses other processes. most other firewalls completly miss this.

    its sometimes plays up but im guessing it because its a cracked version. im actually thinking of paying for this software i like it that much. well that or setup a smoothwall firewall on another machine.


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