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Thread: I need your advice on SmartSync Pro

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    I'm looking for advice for a product that would combine two types of technology. The first technology would be a PC-to-PC Synchronization. I need a program that can compare the files and synchronize them.

    Second, I'm looking for a good backup tool to backup my desktop. My desktop has a local store of music, installation software and business projects. I want to be able to set these up to automatically backup to an external firewire drive.

    I have just started to use SmartSync Pro (, a product that I ran across after reading a review on it in the Wall Street Journal. It works great, but I am not sure if it is the ideal solution.

    Suggestions? What do you like in SmartSync Pro and similar programs? What don't you like?
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    Welcome to the forum Alex. I like Norton Ghost for back ups ,using a dvd -r .


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