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Thread: Worth an upgrade or not?

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    This PC is about 4 years old. Apart from being slow it doesn't have any problems....well the sound doesn't work at the moment

    Here are the specs. Is it worth an upgrade? Can you still find the parts for an upgrade this old?

    BTW-UK based
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    Your P3 700MHz machine is actually over 5 years old and it was probably "end-of-line" at the time of purchase, although I doubt Dell made that very clear.

    It is unlikely that you can salvage much from it.

    The drives could be re-used, if a little slow by todays standards, but I notice you are almost out of disk space anyway.

    I don't suppose there's much wrong with the case itself except that it may not have enough ventilation, but I doubt whether the PSU would have enough output for a modern system.

    External bits like the Keyboard, mouse, monitor and printers are obviously still useable, but unless they've been replaced at some point they may well be a little tatty by now. I suppose you can see that for yourself.

    Other than that I would suggest the rest is simply ready for the skip.
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    I agree with Lynx, except for the reusing of the drives.
    Don't bother.
    You're old machine is worth more (if not monetarily, then at least for brownie points) as a whole.

    Give it to some deserving kid or your grandma...they can discover the joys of PC use and you can move on up the ladder.
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    Bin it.


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