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Thread: Best programme to rip DVD's to files.

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    I was wondering what was the best way to rip a film from a DVD to an .avi or an .mpg file. I have DVD Shrink, which is all very nice for making an .iso, or for burning to a DVD-R but I really want a programme that will let me rip my DVD's straight to either .avi or .mpg files.

    I've seen loads of them around... too many in fact, so I was wondering if someone could tell me a good one to use... and also, while I'm here - what's the best way to compress the video files so as to get the maximum quality and minimum file size. DivX? Or somethink else, I'm sure I spoke to someone who said that Kvcd was better.

    I'm not really much of an expert at ripping DVD's, as you might have guessed.


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    there's also DVD2AVI

    ganna give autogk a try tho, see how they compare


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