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Thread: ISO file newbie ?

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    How do you install a file with ISO in the title usually I double click and the file installs. (is this a cd copy) so how?

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    CD Image Files

    .bin and .cue

    These are your standard images of a CD. To open them you have a couple options.

    You can burn them using Nero , FireBurner or Alcohol 120%

    You can also use Daemon Tools, which lets you mount the image to a "virtual cd-rom", so basically it tricks your computer into thinking that you have another cd-rom and that you're putting a cd with your image file on it into this virtual cd-rom, it's great cuz you'll never make a bad cd again.

    Alcohol 120% also sports a virtual cd-rom feature. Finally, if you're still struggling to access the files contained within any given image file you can use CDMage to extract the files and then burn them, or just access them from your hard drive.

    You can use VCDGear to extract the mpeg contents of a SVCD or VCD image file such as bin/cue.

    If you don't have an .cue file you can create one with Cueator


    Another type of image file that follows similar rules as .bin and .cue, only you extract or create them using WinISO or ISOBuster. WinISO can not be used for DVD .iso files use ISOBuster for DVD iso.

    Sometimes converting a problematic .bin and .cue file to an .iso can help you burn it to a cd. Examples of programs that burns iso's are: Nero, FireBurner and Easy CD Creator but there are many many more!

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    Nero deals with the majority of iso files for burning to disc and you can also use the virtual drive in nero to mount the iso as a disc.
    Basically iso=exact copy of a disc.

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    Any problems with it, you can always extract using UltraISO


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