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Thread: wireless connection

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    I used to connect to wireless networks using my laptop and it used to work fine.

    But recently I tried to setup a 'Home or office network' on my laptop and also installed some updates.

    But now my wireless connection does not work. My laptop can find the wireless network and connect to it, But there is NO communication, no packets are received.

    once, I am connected to wireless connection, I did 'ipconfig' and it came up with all new info which I had not seen before. So I searched on the net and realised I had installed IPv6. Thinking that IPv6 may be causing the problem, I unistalled IPv6, but still the problem remains.

    Has any of u experienced the same problem?? Are u aware of any solutions??

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    Don't get me started on wireless networks m8 I have exact same problem with my laptop......
    no packets are received

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    could be wep security... check the settings on the router, or whatever your using.

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    I had the same problem but I think it coincided with my SP2 update.

    SP2 has wireless software and it was interfering with my existing wireless software.

    I uninstalled the wireless software and checked the box for Windows to handle my wireless duties.

    Everything has been peachy since.
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