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Thread: Change 98 Boot Screen....

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    I saw the topic on xp boot screen, just wondered if pos with 98?

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    i know you can use freeware that can do this it allows you to change boot screen and shutdown screen as well...not sure how to do in inside win98 tho......for the software i have since lost the details as i had to format my entire hd so lost all details sorry but i just searched google for 10 mins and found the little prog to do it

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    Yes, you have to replace the logow.sys, logos.sys, and logo.sys files.

    It's difficult to do though - it has to be in a certain format.

    You can download lots from the 'net - just Google.

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    its not really hard...
    you can use tools like TuneUp97
    there you can change all of the 3 logos.

    have phun

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    Easy way is to unhide hidden files, open a paint program and open the file logo.sys files and change them. Keeping them in bitmap 256 colors of course. I think it's 256 cololrs

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    How can you change the boot screen of Windows 2000 Pro?

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    In windows xp's windows folder, there's a file called winnt, and winnt256 i dunno wich one, but one of those should do it.

    i usually use, logonui for xp, you can do it easily for bootscreens and logon's with that program.

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    get a start up changer

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    Originally posted by KrackHead2k@10 April 2003 - 05:38
    How can you change the boot screen of Windows 2000 Pro?
    im sure boot xp does it.
    Boot XP

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    yea but its very risky

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