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Thread: I have Windows XP home and want to install Pro

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    I have the Pro CD. Can someone please explain how to install it. I dont want home, just Pro. But i want to keep some files that are still in Xp Home. How to do it?

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    There is no real advantages to pro over home, esp not if your gonna have to format/reinstall.

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    Thats because my dad has some programs that only work on pro

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    Chewie's Avatar Chew E. Bakke
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    boot the xp cd
    hit enter
    hit f8
    hit r
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    Any program that works on Pro will work on Home, its the same OS.

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    tesco's Avatar woowoo
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    Like what? I've never heard of that before, since both OS are the same except for networking, security and multilanguage options.

    Anyway i think you'll need to format to install pro. Home to Pro isn't an upgrade option.
    edit: actually chewie's advice will probably work, repair install.
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    it has something to do with work. He works at this software company

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    Quote Originally Posted by showstopper496
    it has something to do with work. He works at this software company

    It would be impossible to make a program that works on Pro but not on Home, or near enough impossible. The only way you could do it is if you spent ages writing code for that exact purpose but no body would do that.

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    I am not sure, my dad just told me he needs to install pro. I dont know this techical stuff, i will ask him if it is totally necarry

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    I cannot see any reason why anyone in the world needs pro unless your copy isn't legal as pro (corp) doesn't require activation.

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