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Thread: Ufo Film - Anyone Know The Name?

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    Its a couple of years old and the story line is about a boy who after chasing his brother through the woods, falls down a ditch. When he wakes up and goes home he finds that his parents arent there anymore but an elderly couple. When he does find them they are much older (10 years or so I think), and they had thought he dissappeared a long time ago, but the boy himself looks the same he did now as he did then.
    Theres a weird ufo in it, but the name escapes me...Any help.


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    it sound abit like flight of the navigator..
    althought this film is more than a few yrs old ..i
    remember c in this when i was a kid.

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    I think i remember the movie! (Not the name yet sorry)
    But issn't this the movie where the UFO i buried?

    So it ends up where the kid go's underground to fight the Aliens?

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    i remember watching it as a kid. Im 19 now and I think i was about 11 then or prob younger. I think it might be flight of the navigator.

    No the UFO wasnt buried, it was in some government hangar. And it sorta woke up when the kid became conscious from the woods. The UFO and the kid then go off somewhere , a weird planet I think and there was all sorts of odd creatures on the ship in like tanks.

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    Yep , your right it is flight of the navigator


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    Wha no thanks?
    i think it was released quite a while ago i whatched it
    when i about 11 ..i'm now 29 this oct

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    opps!!sorry m8 i did'nt c ur post
    i was in yhr middle of eatin my sunday roast

    glad i could help!!

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    lol no no thanks, just a cheers thanks

    It came out about 1986, so it is more than a couple hehe but first time i watched it was when i was about 11 so it was a couple of yrs for me.


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    oh yeah i remember this movie and i still enjoy this movie if i could find it and the best part is this was made when green screen first got started so it really is good to see a pioneer movie of the green screen. i recommend this movie to anybody of any age. is there a dvd out for this movie?

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    only out on VHS as far as Im aware.

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