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Thread: Downloaded DVD doesnt play on my DVD player

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    HI, Im new to burning dvd's, so I got a quick question, I downloaded a movie the other day and when I unrar'ed it, it was a dvd iso. I used Alcohol 120% to burn it to a dvd. But it won't play in my dvd player, (prolly cuz it don't reconize them, i knows about that stuff) but even in my dvd burner it takes a while to load. Did I use the wrong program(i also have nero6) or do something wrong? thanks in advance.

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    are you sure that your dvd player is compatible with blank dvd disks?

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    You also have to make sure that the dvd you download is in ntsc if north america or pal if in europe.

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    in addition to disc + player compatibility and tv format (ntsc/pal), you might wanna check the region code of the movie. if you don't have a multi-region player and the disc has a different region code from your player, then try using a program like dvd decrypter to make an "all region" copy of the disc.

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    also i found my player wont recognise some disks. was the cheap ones it ignored, damn snob


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