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Thread: SuperPower 2 help

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    Damn it. I send some bombs on a country, their allies attack me, i send bombs on them, more attack me and the game closes.

    I think its doing this because too many attacks are happening at once

    Its pissing me off... I used the US and made 1500+ nukes and I cant use them. I got rid of my 2,500,000,000,000 deficit in about 3 terms though

    Celeron D 2.66 @ 3.3 (works fine on other games oc'd)
    768 MB Ram
    GeForce4 Ti4200

    This doesnt make sense.
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    Basically Ike is right, though sparse with information. I had similar problems until I patched it with the 1.4 Reloaded patch no problems since. The patch is on FileList but I'm sure it's elsewhere.

    Though to be honest the game bored me quickly.

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    Already did the patch.. it didnt fix it.

    I was having problems with Swat 4 earlier. So I checked nvidia's site for new drivers and noticed they released some a few weeks ago. Swat isnt having any problems now... im about to to check SP2.
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    I think its working... havent tested yet though.

    But I got another problem. Look at this pic (click to enlarge).

    1. My income from drugs. Its $1,578,106 Million ($1.5 Trillion)
    2. My income total. For some reason it is only $77 Billion.
    3. Total expenses is 182 Billion.
    4. My deficit is $117 Billion.

    How does this make sense? Should I be getting a surplus of like $1.46 Trillion?
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    downloaded that damn game only to find it needs a min ati radeon, i've got a ati rage 128 pro

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