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Thread: Internet Explorer 6 to Firefox

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    Hello everyone.
    I currently have Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and I want to make the switch to Firefox's web browser. I want to know how to make a full and clean uninstall on Microsoft Internet Explorer and a full and clean install on Firefox. Does anyone know how I might accomplish this? Thank you and advance for anyone's advise.
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    You shouldn't uninstall IE from your computer completely. A lot of other programs rely on IE and uninstalling it could mess up your computer. You should just download FireFox and install it. Make it your default browser and Windows Add/Remove to remove all links to IE on your computer.

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    don't bother trying to remove Internet Explorer, it's not completely possible, and it's mostly just a waste of time to try.

    Instead, go ahead and download the firefox installer, and run that. After it's installed and you run firefox for the first time, it will ask if you'd like it to import your favorites from Internet Explorer. It will also ask if you'd like to make it your default browser, which you do, so do that.

    The only thing you may have to do is install extra plug-ins for java, flash, shockwave, quicktime, etc.

    There's really nothing to it

    if, after you install firefox and set it as your default browser, you find that some applications or things still use IE rather than firefox, check to see if there's a setting in the program to specify which browser it uses, or if it's a file/shortcut that opens in IE, open Windows Explorer and go to Tools > Folder Options > File Types.
    Search for the type of file in the list, and if it's set to open in IE there, then change it to open with the C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\Firefox.exe executable.
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    Like others said, dont try to remove IE.

    putting aside the fact that it's not possible to remove it completely, you neeed IE to do windowsupdates (firefox wont do it).

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    Excellent decision kurse. Firefox is far better.
    To get you started: themes
    I prefer this site for extensions. I find it updates more often than mozilla's extensionmirror
    Mozilla's extension page:


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