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Thread: gone ???

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    Sick down ???

    is gone
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    just some server problems it seems, back up again...


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    they were just fixing up some code

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    Yeah it's up again, tried accessing it earlier but it was down.

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    "We are extremely sorry for the downtime today. Our webserver has been having problems lately and we are unsure at the moment what is causing them. If it is any consolation, we are actively looking into why we do get these occassional problems and hopefully we'll have a much more reliable server soon.

    Sorry again

    OPP Staff"

    i think it's fixed

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    good news

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    the only reason they are down at times is because their server is at such high loads. they supposedly have plans to get another server and use a dual server confibulator to modulate their optimisation calapitators so they run better.

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    For me is one the most stable private website......95% of time they are online.

    "I'll be here... I'll be 'waiting' I'll be waiting... for you ... so... If you come here... You'll find me. I promise..."

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    Oinks server seems to have been down for about 24 hours. Hope it's not anything serious. I'm loving Oink at the moment, and currently suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

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    is oink any good?

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