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Thread: Matrix Then Ice Age

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    Okay i thought i d-loaded matrix 2 but when i did it brought up ice age any help?

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    Matrix 2 isn't out yet!

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    but how come if you type in matrix 2 (reloaded) in search it willl bring up like 6 of them....

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    There is some ppl who put fake files on kazaa and other peer to peer networks..
    There is hundreds of fake files of matrix 2 and other popular movies/games...

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    evil i'll only be able to see it in theaters right?

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    Not necessarily. Keep tracking this forum and someone might post The Matrix 2 when it is available. I've never had a fake file that I've downloaded using this forum or the one at

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    Well you got to see the sequel to matrix on the big screen&#33;

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    Well you got to see the sequel to matrix on the big screen&#33;
    exactly i wouldnt want to watch a crappy cam of this movie.
    that would be an injustice. borderline sacrilegious.

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    People that like to waste someone&#39;s time&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;

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    its out soonish so just wait and get a good screener of it

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