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Thread: ShutDown Laggage/ Defragment

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    Hmm... I not sure but recently... Whenever I shutdown/Restart my computer it takes eternity (about 5 minutes)... And that is just not right... And I am not really sure what I did to cause the problem... And I don't know if a HiJackThis Log would help in anyway... But if it does let me know and I will post one...

    If any other info is needed do let me know..


    Also... I can't seem to use the BuiltIn Defragmentor for WinXP PRo.... Whenever I try to Analyze/Defragment... It just does nothing... When I click on either option it loads for a milisecond and than acts as if I never clicked it.. Aside from that.. Is there a substitute I can use to Defragment? I need to do that soon been overloading comp with things and deleting them...

    Thanks again.

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    Try Diskeeper. V9 is only just out so you may not find that yet, but I'm sure you'll be able to find V8 somewhere
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