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Thread: What is the best BitTorrent client?

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    I have ask this question in other forums and the results are always different.
    Usually there is a three way tie between Azureus, BitComet & BitTornado. So what does this forum think is the best BitTorrent client is?


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    ABC works great for me, with regard to both downloading and creating torrents.

    I also use BitTornado but it's got a messier interface and I noticed no difference in the download speed when I tried Az. ABC definitely uses the least resources, particularly when dealing with multiple torrent downloads and creating a torrent is a four click experience.

    Managing your downloads is also pretty simple - which is how it should be.
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    Well if you just want opinions you will receive a range of responses, if however you are just looking for the definitive answer, G3 torrent is the best.

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    ABC is.

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    BitComet (and derivatives) is now widely thought to "cheat" on their statistic reporting, and is being banned by some trackers. G3torrent is also being checked for this behaviour. These two may get you good results in the short term, but you could find yourself cut off in the middle of a download.

    I find Azureus to be abong the best, if only they would do something about being able to select which files to download BEFORE starting.
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    If it downloads .torrent files, its good enough for me.
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    Yeh I guess the only downside to using G3 is having to withstand the jealousy of other users and their constant claims of "G3 is a leech client" and "G3 kills babies".

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    I'm still using bittornado

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    I use Azureus, and while it does use a lot of resources it seems, it does allow you decide which files you DL from a torrent containing more than one file. Not so w/ many other clients. BitComet is getting banned pretty regularly from private trackers.

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