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Thread: Creating Vcd's

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    I've made a few VCD's. Some better than others. I was at first using TMPGenC or whatever it's called. then it started going funny, it was converting the video, but there was no sound on the new files. I've tried with about 10 different movies.
    So, I started doing it a different way. I was using easy video splitter to split the files and then burn them using Nero which did the conversion for me. But the sound/video sync was out. Now, any video i try and load using TMPGenC OR Nero is "unsupported" or something stupid. Also, Easy Video Splitter will only split into a max of 6 pieces now

    I uninstalled all the programs and re-installed, I even downloaded frsh copies


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    Sounds like you've altered your codecs since your last successful conversion and burn, if neither program wants to convert them now. Uninstall what you already have then install the newest KL codec pack. Then try it again.

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    Yeah I tried that too. I'm going to uninstall everything. ALL codecs, all divX players cos that won't play anything, and then download new copies and start again. What do you recommend I use to play my movies and to encode/burn to VCD?

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    BSplayer for playing and well... TMPGenc for encoding.

    Using VirtualDUB, try extracting the audio from the avi then encode.

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    vcd encoding taks too long!!!!

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    Yeah it does take a while, but my PC may as well be doing something constructive while I'm out instead of sitting on it's fat arse doing sweet F.A like my Misses


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