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Thread: Help: trying to find a rare torrent....

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    I hope this is not against the rules the nature of this post.

    I am trying to find a rare music album (not released yet - devils & dust - bruce springsteen album).
    I have tried just about everywhere (except which I do not have an account for, havnt been invited by anyone).
    I have also tried some other means (ie kazaa network etc, xdcc's and fserv's) with no results.
    Only found the single (as a pre-release promo) and a bogus album that contained nothing but indian pop/rap.

    Any other ideas/methods to find this album would be greatly appreciated.

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    Vargas's Avatar gone fishin'
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    the poopdeck
    wait til it's released?

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    RPerry's Avatar Synergy BT Rep: Bad Rep
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    Search results for "devils & dust"
    Nothing found!
    its not at either

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    Snee's Avatar Error xɐʇuʎs BT Rep: +1
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    on something.
    Tried this just for a lark, found a couple of bits and bobs, but no album, sorry.

    It wasn't entirely unexpected tho'.

    It might still be out there on irc, in an unlisted room, or you can try slsk.

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    Vargas's Avatar gone fishin'
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    the poopdeck
    i didn't download it to verify it, but all the complete sources have it named properly
    ed2k link: Bruce Springsteen - Devils And Dust.rar

    EDIT but i doubt at fifty some megabytes the quality is very high
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    Thanks for the help, still sitting with the promo single here.
    Guess I'll just have to wait a couple weeks for the full release.

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    static hum
    bruce springsteen? *cough* umm

    michael jackson
    paul mccartney and michael jackson.
    bruce springsteen.
    van halen.
    tina turner.
    david bowie.
    huey lewis & the news
    the cars
    herbie hancock
    bonnie tyler
    zz top
    weird al yankovich
    cindy lauper
    pink floyd
    the pretenders,
    billy joel
    billy idol
    elton john
    neil young
    sheena easton
    john lennon
    the alan parson's project
    rick springfield
    the rolling stones
    pat benatar
    hall & oates
    adam ant
    john cougar mellencamp
    fleetwood mac
    duran duran
    the police
    the eurythmics
    culture club (including boy george)
    kenny rogers
    stevie wonder
    j. iglesias and diana ross
    donna summer
    dean martin

    And we especially call for the destrution in this hour and the destroying of rock music directed specifially against children, and working specifically through these individuals, for whom we call for the judgement of the sacred fire in this hour before the throne of Alimighty God

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