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Thread: What Are Windows Xp Serial Key Generator Programs

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    Ok, I will try to make this more understandable.

    I am interested in downloading programs from here. When I do a search for some I come across many indviduals with files called Windows XP Serial Key Generator. Since I am new to this I am wondering what this program is and how it is used. I am wondering if it is something I need to have these downloads work since I see it in all the searches I have tried. Anyone willing to give some information on these files for me...


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    HINT: "Windows XP Serial Key Generator" or maker

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    Originally posted by wizzer49428@6 April 2003 - 18:34
    Can some one tell me what the Windows XP Serial Key Generator programs and what are they used for.  I have Windows XP and am new to these type of downloads......


    If you have Windows XP you need have no interest in this type of nonsense.

    Strike it from your mind and worry no more.

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    What kind of question are you asking?

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    yea what are you asking explain you self more clearly.

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    Hello Wizzer !
    we all assume you are using Windows XP. if you have'nt installed it as yet then yes! you will need to download the SERIAL KEYGENERATOR to open and install

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    What he is saying is that he uses windows XP and is wondering if he needs to run the "Windows XP serial keygen" in order to download other programs, right?

    In that case no, you do not, the windows XP key generator program is used to create serial numbers that you type in when INSTALLING windows XP that enable it to install.

    If you are new to the scene you will find that alot of software asks for a serial, or a key of some sorts. The software companies do this to stop anyone that did not purchase the software from installing it on their computer(s).

    Another instance you will see an option to enter a serial number is when running demo or "shareware" programs. These programs let you run them for a given amount of time or uses and then stop functioning until you actually pay money. When you have paid for it you will receive the serial number, which you then enter into the program and Walla! full version.

    There is alot of this information out there, but I hope this at least answered your question.


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