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Thread: Best way to Re-Partition Drive

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    I have two hard drives that has total 5 partition. The first one (C: ) that contains operating system has 12 GB. Whenever I defragment the drive, it complains that I don't have enough disk space left to fully defragment it...I guess I install too many softwares. So I thought I can re-partition it with D: (has 100 GB and only 50 GB full).

    Now my question is what is the best way to re-partition it and what is best software out there for it?

    Here are the options that I have been thinking:

    1. Re-partition it with Partition Magic. Risk -> People say that 1 out 20 times, you might lose/corrupt your data. Plus, it takes many hours to re-partition drives that already has data.

    2. Take an ghost image of C drive, delete the partition, then partition it and restore the image. Risk -> But I still risk the data on D Drive. Don't I?

    3. Take image of both C and D drive, delete the partitions and re-partition it. And then restore the image. Risk -> None but it will take again frikking hours to back up a drive that has 50 GB data.

    Is there any other way?
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    Use Partition Magic 8.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linkin Park
    Use Partition Magic 8.0
    j/k LP
    but i do prefer Acronis

    you are going to have to shrink your D: drive by, say, 8-10 GB,
    then move it down into the unallocated sector on the physical drive
    (this will leave you a gap of unallocated space between the C: and D: drives)
    then you can increase the size of the C: drive


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