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Thread: What 'safepeer' programs should I be using?

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    I am currently ONLY using SafePeer (as part of Azureus)... should I use other safety programs?

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    Need a cheap/easy way of modding your xbox? Check this out.

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    i use safepeer as well, but i don't know why since it offers zero protection against "them" getting your IP, when running bittorrent, your IP and what youre uploading/downloading can still be seen via the tracker and via the trackers stats web interface.

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    Wow, didn't know such programs existed. Thanks for the tip.

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    If your going to use a blocker I think the built in ones that go with the app are best so safepeer is a as good as it gets I think and use the like for other apps you also as I just dont care much for apps like PG that ar intrusive in everything one does really...

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    thanks for the info


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