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Thread: 10 pisexy invites here

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    begging for a pisexy invite...

    I am a power user at elite torrents, filelist and torrentbytes w/ the following stats (can provide pictures or links if needed).

    Have elitetorrents invites to exchange

    EliteTorrents (Power User)
    Current stats
    Download: 86.08
    Upload: 109.38
    Ratio: 1.270

    TorrentBytes (Power User)
    Current stats
    Download: 34.66
    Upload: 46.22
    Ratio: 1.333

    FileList (Power User)
    Current stats
    Download: 33.83
    Upload: 39.12
    Ratio: 1.157

    EDIT: email address -
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    I'd like an invite for Pisexy please.

    PM me, and I'll of course share invitations I receive in this thread.


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    I have invites to Pisexy to give out, I had a thread going before but it was locked, so guess I'll move in here, my requirements are going to be easier than they were last time, but will still be enforced, and checked.

    I will send an invite to anyone who sends me a screen shot of the details page of a private tracker they belong to.
    I need to see your ratio, upload and download amount, screen name, and site name, all other private info can be edited out.

    The requirements are 10GB uploaded, with a ratio over 1.05, nothing less will be accepted.

    Send the screen shot along with your email address you wish to use to

    Dont worry, there is not possible way for me to run out of invites.

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    I would like a Pisexy invite i can only give an invite to PornBits or Elitetorrents since i dont have any for Empornium.

    I have 3 PornBits invites and 5 EliteTorrent

    PM me if you can help me out and i will give e-mail on PM

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    Yea I also have some invites for Pisexy that I can give out. You can mail me at

    Same requirements as Zeus, I tried to give them out without checking and have been Burned by 2 people so far with ratios under 0.8. 1 had a 0.3 ratio... Just send me a screen shot of any site you are a member of. Edit any personal info out if you want...

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    im a powerabuser on pisexy and a member for 6 weeks but i dont receive any invites.. :S

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    ftcnt were you a power abuser on friday? they are only given out one day a week, and if your ratio slipped, and i notice right now you are on the edge, so this is a possiblity, then you wouldnt have been given any invites... keep your ratio up, and by this friday you should have your invites... the only question is what time, its not an automatic script, Pimpie still likes to press the button, but i got mine just as I should have... all 500 of them... :-)
    (note: you might not be getting 500, it depends on your user class... I believe its 10 for power abuser)


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    just pm me or write here ur email

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