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Thread: Movie rip prob.

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    I ripped a movie from the DVD, but there is a problem with the video/audio.
    It's out of sync 18 ms. Is there an easy way of fixing this or any way of correcting it?

    I have used 3 different rippers and all do the same thing.
    DVD Decrypter
    DVD Shrink
    They are all out of sync by 18 ms

    Help needed please

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    Thats fine and all if I was going to make a SVCD, VCD, AVI...
    but i dont want to covert to any other format. I want the .vob
    file to stay the same, or a file that can be burned to DVD with
    no loss to the video quality. Is there such a program that can
    delete 18 ms of audio form it.

    If this helps I'm using NeroVision Express 3.

    Belive me I've looked for answers for this, for over a week now.
    every place I've found talks about VCD, AVI, DIVX.... I dont think
    this is what I'm looking for.

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    This is where I'd start :

    I was reading about two programs ReJig and videoredo , from one of fkdup's links . They both supposably fix audio lag problems . Videohelp was the forum .
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    why are you using Nerovision express if you are not converting to .avi?

    use latest version of DVDDecrypter to rip to your hard drive, then use latest DVDShrink to modify the file size, then burn to DVD and everything should be fine


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