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Thread: Anyone know how to crack a usb key software dongle?

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    Well, here is the deal...

    I bought a $1400.00 dollar piece of software legitimately. Along with it comes a usb key that you must plug into your computer in order to unlock the software every time you run the program. I own not just one pc, but also a laptop and the software is such that I would loke to use it on both machines. However, to get another usb key to use it on both without having to unplug and plug all the time, the company wants almost $200.00, which to me seems highly unfair, and yet I can see why they do it to deter people from using the software unauthorized. Anyways, my question there a way to take the info off my current usb key, make a copy of it some how and then insert it into the program on the other machine so it can be used on both? This may be took tech savvy of a question to post here, but maybe someone can redirrect me to a place where such a question can be posted. Any response appreciated, even if only to say that it absolutely cannot be done. Thank you!!

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    Right. You just omitted to tell us what software you're talking about. How clever of you.

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    FFSRTFR*! these types of discussions are not allowed

    *For Fucks Sake Read The Fucking Rules

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    Against the rules but interesting ! Never heard of it till now.

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    I bought a $1400.00 dollar piece of software legitimately.
    LOL dude your insane.

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    all i can say is, google it.
    blah blah blah... whatever...

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    The software is a medical program designed to help my wife who is in the healing proffession do her work. Yes, I absolutely purchased the software legitimately and would not do it any other way. I would not come by this software any other way for personal reasons, but believe it is personally unfair to charge so much for the right to use the software on multiple computers, without having to take the key out and transfer it. I am sorry if such a question is against the rules, I was just wondring.

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    these types of discussions really are against the rules, as many have already stated. Take the advice given to you already and do a google search.

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