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Thread: Skype- and dualphone

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    I know several of you use Skype, but has anyone used the dualphone with it?

    I just installed skype and ordered the phone because you can use it for both skype and as a landline. As soon as i get it I will purchase the skypein and buy some time with skypeout.

    But I am curiuos as to anyones experience with this phone and either of the add on skype programs.

    Peace of mind Findnot

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    What a cool phone I've never heard of anything like that before, I just signed up for a wireless package which gives me a phone socket on the router and another phone number as an alternative to my house line so I can use two lines at once and get free calls using my broadband account but it does'nt do the thing with the messenger.

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    Yeah, I can't wait to get it and try it out. I would have used this before except I couldn't convince my wife to use it while being attached to the computer by a wire.

    And now that it can call to a regular phone, it definately seems worth the investment
    Peace of mind Findnot

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    WooHoo!! I received my phone last week and finally got the time added to my SkypeOut account. So far, a brief call testing the service and the phone worked like a charm

    Been using the phone in place of our old phone since we got it, so now it's nice to be able to use it for pc to landline calls

    As soon as I get a little more experience with it I am going to get this adaptor for a few family members.

    They can test it out on me and if they like it buy their own and pass it along to the next person. Hopefully everyone will like and use the service

    Peace of mind Findnot

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    Looks great TD...keep us posted on how it goes

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    I wanted to get that dual one, but didn't have enough money. Anyway, just got simple CyberPhoneK. Not so pleased, no manual!!! took me an hour to find on some forum that to type plus, that doesn't exist on the phone, is 2 zeros... Autoplay for software didn't work either, had to do it manually... And the peak of the day was, the phone takes over all the sound, to listen to the music or something, I need to unplug it!!!

    So what i didn't pay in money I payed in nerves!!!


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