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Thread: Running my own web server

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    I am thinking of running a website. Initially, I was thinking of buying a dedicated server, as posted here

    But now I am thinking of buying my own server. I can get the server for around 200 - 400 from ebay

    Now it sounds a weired idea, but what do I need to run my own server

    my website does not need to be online all the time and I know running my own server will have problems but if u can tell me WHAT ADDITIONAL HARDWARE / SOFTWARE i need to run my own server.

    Are u getting suspicious regarding my website ???


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    how big a website are you thinking of running.

    if its only a personal website that machine will be overkill. A p3 600 mhz machine is plenty for a average website. if your gonna be hosting it at home the main limiting factor is gonna be your bandwidth. i would invest in a half decent connection with good upload capacity.

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    Install Apaache for the web hosting part.
    Then if you want php pages in your website, install php. then configure apache to use it.
    whatever else you might want (like mysql) you'll also have to install and configure.

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    what about ip address, domain name; would i have to configure them???

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    you could send the domain name to your home ip (through their config) - register a domain, and they will ask for somewhere to point it.

    else just use http://123.456.124.456 or whatever your ip is - itll get there, but look messy
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    Is this at your home? Give a shot.


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