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Thread: Whatsrunning, control your pc!

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    With whatsrunning you can view exactly wich processes and services are active in your Windows (2000/XP/2003server) processes.
    This can be done in taskmanager, but whatsrunning shows wich process belongs to wich programm.

    Info from their site:

    What's Running is a product that gives you an inside look into your Windows 2000/XP/2003 system.
    Explore processes, services, modules, IP-connections, drivers and much more through a simple to use application. Find out important information such as what modules are involved in a specific process.
    Control your system by starting and stopping services and processes. Configure your startup programs easily.
    Start taking control of your computer now!

    and the other screenshots can be found here:

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    hey, nice one jet
    i have went through a few of these "advanced task manager" kinda apps
    may give that one a look

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    Can you copy that to c:system32 and use instead of taskmanager ?

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    Looks cool, trying it out now.
    You should also try out Process Explorer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ariel_001
    Looks cool, trying it out now.
    You should also try out Process Explorer.
    yea i love Process Explorer
    i keep it in the root of every hard drive

    im gonna give this one a shot
    it might be a winner


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